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Knapple is a contradiction, a middle class vandal, a single mum in her 40s who pursues teenage 'hobbies', Peter Pan with a spray can. Knapple is confined by no social boundaries, preferring to stand alone than fit in with the crowd.

Knapple makes art for the people not for the ego. It is art to make you smile not frown, how can a cute little pineapple upset anyone anyway? Don't worry you won't wake up and find one sprayed across your house... unless of course you've requested it.

Solo Shows

'1989' The Bridge, Norwich. 4.7.16 - 27.8.16

'L.A Days' Norwich Arts Center, Norwich. 19.7.17 - 16.8.17

'Graffiti, the Universe and Everything' THIRTEEN A, Norwich. 17.5.18 - 20.5.18