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Knapple is a contradiction, a middle class vandal, a single mum in her 40s who pursues teenage 'hobbies'. How can a cute little pineapple upset anyone?..don't worry you won't wake up and find one sprayed across your house, unless of course you've asked for it.

"In studying art -and the meaning of art- I quickly saw that graffiti art and the way it was functioning was 100% art. What I learned in the books was that art wasn't supposed to be about money. It was supposed to be for the people. It was about man having a need to decorate and embellish his environment. So that was true from the beginning of time. Well, graffiti art fit every one of those criteria. It was what real art was supposed to be." Fab Five Fred. 

Get your five a day.

Solo Shows

'1989' The Bridge, Norwich. 4.7.16 - 27.8.16

'L.A Days' Norwich Arts Center, Norwich. 19.7.17 - 16.8.17

'Graffiti, the Universe and Everything' THIRTEEN A, Norwich. 17.5.18 - 20.5.18